fashion jewelry for women

The Baby Face Look

Just like the name suggests, the babyface look displays your youth.

Sometimes heavy makeup could make a woman look more mature or older than they really are.

The baby face look has the opposite effect.

fashion jewelry for women

In a nutshell, it makes you look super adorable.

To achieve this look, check out the tips below!

  • Wash your face, moisturize it, and apply primer.
  • Take out your foundation and only apply it in specific areas e.g. spotted or red areas.
  • Set your face with a translucent powder. This will keep your foundation in while evening out your skin tone.
  • Apply a warm-toned matte bronzer on your cheekbones, chin, and forehead for an appealing definition.
  • Swipe a nude colored eye shadow over your eyelid and cut your crease with your bronzer.
  • Line your eyes subtly with gel eyeliner to give it that compelling aura.
  • Lastly, take out a light pink or peach, shimmery lippie and shape out your lips!
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