fashion jewelry for women

Distraction from Labor Pains

It is well known that having contractions, going into labor, and finally pushing a bundle of a pink tiny human out is not a bed of roses.

Most mothers need the contouring, blending and highlighting to deal with the severe contractions which normally occur every 40 to 60 seconds.

According to some makeup artists, a woman getting her make up while having contractions is a full-time distraction from the severity of the labor pains.

fashion jewelry for women

So, while the contractions are happening intermittently, the application of the full face beat lasts for two and a half hours keeping the mind off the pains.

Also, for women who get false childbirth alarm and are off to the labor room earlier than expected, they could have their makeup done while waiting for that moment.

Surviving the excruciating labor pain will not be feared if most women could get themselves glammed up.

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