fashion jewelry for women

Many people believe that when women are in labor, nothing else should be on their mind asides pushing and getting the baby out.

Giving birth is the most painful and intense moment any woman can go through.

And most women have proved that they can also slay for the arrival of their newborn as most have taken to ensure they look glammed up for the experience.

With the prevalence of technology, social media and smartphones, every moment, pictures and feelings can be shared.

Over 60% of pregnant women get some kind of beauty treatment or apply makeup even while they are having contractions.

fashion jewelry for women

Actually the most daring thing to do in such strenuous moments.

So, for any mother to be to handle this period, they tend to make lists and book make up sessions before their due date.

Not many people support this as they think that social media has made a lot feel pressured to look good and not real.

Also, a lot of people believe that getting a full face beat and putting up the pictures on social media platforms will mean they are oversharing things that are meant to be private.

But women highlighting their face into contractions and finally into giving birth could be an expression of being free of the stigmatization of child labor and birth.

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