fashion jewelry for women

Over the years, the makeup industry has grown spectacularly.

With celebrities leading new makeup trends and social media platforms feeding it, almost every lady above the age of thirteen has her own makeup box!

Even now, makeup artists have also created the no-makeup makeup trend that only glams a face with subtle natural colors creating an appeal for non-makeup lovers.

However, regardless of our preferred choice of makeup, one makeup product which we can’t seem to do without is the highlighter; that shimmering product that produces the ‘glow’.

fashion jewelry for women

Ever since the highlighter was introduced to makeup, it has become something close to an obsession for women.

All makeup lovers want their faces to glow under the sun with perfectly defined cheekbones and noses.

We all want that perfect selfie for the gram and other social media platforms.

While wanting a glittery face might seem harmless enough, there are so many people who are unaware of the golden product behind the shimmer of Mica!

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Ella Lawson

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