fashion jewelry for women

“The clothing industry is the second-largest polluter in the world…second only to oil,” Eileen Fisher, founder of the eponymous line of clothes, told an NYC audience in 2015. “It’s a nasty business…it’s a mess.”

This means that our fashion factories are leading the pollution rank while meeting our most demand: clothing.

And every day we wear clothes choosing to express ourselves and how we want to be seen and observed.

The fashion industry has evolved over the years as other lifestyle industries in the world.

Fashion has become fast rising from the regular 100% cotton wears to chemically produced fibers to make textiles.

Fast fashion is effectively expended, and dispensable styles produced and priced at extremely low rates and do not last for longer than a season.

fashion jewelry for women

As it is now our desire to wear on demand has brought in the use of poisonous chemicals into the surroundings to the point that the air is polluted resulting in more wastes.

When we shop, we get everything so neat, not bothering about what it has taken the producer to make that new dress, shirt, or that box of trendy wears you so much love.

Presently over 60 percent of fabric fibers are synthetics,

Derived from fossil fuels which simply means that if and when our clothing is disposed of and ends up in a garbage lot, it will not fester.

In the future, archaeologists will look up land space taken over by nature and find remains of Louis Vuitton.

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