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Makeup brands with products that use animal testing

  1. Clinique

Clinique is a popular makeup brand that still tests its products on animals even though the practice is known to be cruel.

This proves that the brand cares more about profits than nature –which is not very humane.

Animals don’t care about looking attractive or getting wrinkles and having to harm them for makeup isn’t fair!

So, if you were a huge fan of Clinique products, for the sake of the animals, it is advisable that you stop patronizing them.

  1. MAC

MAC products are so popular that there is a chance you have at least a MAC lipstick in your makeup purse.

The company is one of the biggest makeup brands in the world and this has earned it a trustworthy reputation.

fashion jewelry for women

The fact that they write ‘cruelty-free’ on their makeup products also makes it easier to trust them.

But the truth is, these products aren’t really cruelty-free.

MAC makeup products are not tested in America but in China where animal testing is permitted.

The fact that there is hardly proof that the company carries out animal testing makes it easy to believe that their products are cruelty-free.

Unfortunately for them, Pamela Anderson who was a former spokesperson for MAC exposed them to the world.

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