fashion jewelry for women

The makeup industry is one of the biggest industries at the moment with brands like Christian Dior, Maybelline, Mary Kay and MAC dominating it.

Most of these brands have been in existence for decades and show no signs of slipping down the ladder, even with new makeup brands coming up.

This encourages most makeup users to trust that these companies will give them the best.

Also, while these big makeup brands do keep their customers satisfied with quality makeup products, there are so many casualties who bear the brunt of it.

A few years back, there was no one to look behind the scenes and understand how these products were made.

Therefore, most makeup brands could get away with anything –including animal cruelty.

fashion jewelry for women

They would test products on animals, harm them in the process and it would all go unnoticed.

Now, however, there are so many people looking into how makeup products are made to make sure that products we enjoy are not just of good quality, but also cruelty-free!

These investigations have brought the truth to light.

Most famous makeup brands that we regularly patronize are involved in animal cruelty!

Because so many people are unaware, they continue buying these products, therefore, unknowingly encouraging the brands to continue experimenting on animals.

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