fashion jewelry for women

Be confident in yourself

Do you know that sexiness is birthed out of confidence and not just looks?

A woman could be as shapely as Jennifer Lopez and still not be considered sexy if she lacks self-confidence.

So, the first step to love your body scars and feel super sexy in spite of it is to build your self-confidence.

Tell yourself that your scars are not flaws, mars or whatever word society uses in describing it.

No, your scar is a part of you and what you are is beautiful!

fashion jewelry for women

When you decide the scars on your body are sexy, they become sexy!

So even if your scar is right there on a part of you where it can easily be seen, walk with your head held high.

The only way people can look down on you or try to intimidate you over your scars is if they sense any insecurity from you about them.

So, show them you have none. Once they sense this confidence in you, soon rather than later, they will accept your scars and look beyond it.

If you can own your scars and build your confidence in spite of it, you will definitely feel super sexy!

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Ella Lawson

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