fashion jewelry for women

As the decades and centuries go by, society’s idea of sexy changes.

Once upon a time, the definition of a sexy woman was a very skinny blonde with sky blue eyes and pink lips.

Now, a sexy woman is one with an hourglass figure, tanned skin, and full lips.

What does this tell us?

That even society’s idea of a sexy woman is unreliable.

Imagine dying your hair blonde and working out until you’re as skinny as Nina Dobrev, only to find out the next day that the new sexy is curvy with pouty lips!

fashion jewelry for women

So no, we can’t rely on society’s idea of sexiness because it’s ever-changing and shallow.

Every woman has to define what sexiness is to her and own it.

As a woman with either big or small scars, what society says/thinks about sexiness shouldn’t make you feel unsexy.

There are so many celebrities out there like Winnie Harlow, Sharon Stone, Kate Middleton, and Tina Fey who, even with scars, are drop-dead gorgeous.

So, if you’re a lovely woman with scars that want to learn to love her body and feel sexy, keep reading below!

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