fashion jewelry for women

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about fashion over the years, it’s that it constantly changes!

Today, the snake print design could be the rave, and tomorrow, it is plain silk pantsuits filling the runways.

We buy so many new clothes and flood our wardrobes even though we might only wear them for a season or never even get a chance to wear them at all.

As harmless as seeking and following new fashion trends may seem, the truth of it is, it’s actually harmful to our planet.

How? Almost every piece of clothing is a product of dyes and chemicals that are harmful to water sources, the air, and the earth.

The chemicals can also be harmful to the people who make the fabrics without proper precautions.

fashion jewelry for women

This makes most people wonder; does this mean we shouldn’t wear clothes?

Clothes are apparels that we need to survive.

We can’t fight the cold without clothes and we certainly can’t look good on our birthdays without clothes.

This is completely true and the fact that the making of clothes can be hazardous doesn’t mean we should give them up.

Instead, it means that we need to find a process that is both accommodating of our needs and that of the planets’.

This is why fashion is now favoring secondhand clothing to save the environment.

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