fashion jewelry for women

There are some fashion basics every woman should have in their closet.

Your wardrobe may already be packed, however, you still need the basics to be considered “fashionable.”

The basics don’t require much thinking because these items make you instantly chic.

Whether you are athletically shaped, or need to lose a few pounds, you need these items.

Now, you may already have all the “basics” below, maybe it’s time to get new ones to get back that fresh look.

You can build on your wardrobe just with the basics.

No need to know the latest style or if that item you plan to buy fits your age bracket.

These timeless pieces work for a woman in any age group. Trends come and go, but these clothing items live on forever.

fashion jewelry for women

Items Every Woman Should Have

A White Tee Shirt

Whether you are 23 or 63, a woman needs a white T-shirt as part of her wardrobe.

V-necks are great if you want to layer a few silver necklaces around your neck.

A crew neck is as basic as you can get. Just make sure it’s a soft white, with a bit of “puff” to the touch.

A Solid Lightweight Sweater

This piece serves two-purposes.

It’s a winter to spring item that can go over your collared blouse during the work week and transition to casual when paired with jeans on the weekends.

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