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Tips to Buy the Best Flat Curling Iron

Finding the best flat curling iron can be good for your hair and can protect your hair from heat damage.  It’s better to spend time choosing the right appliance for your hair to get the best value for your money.

  • Types of Curls

The first factor you should consider when buying your flat curling iron is the type of curls you want.

Every flat curling iron is designed to produce different curls.

  • The Right Shape

You might think that a flat iron is only supposed to be flat like the name suggests.

How the edges of these tools are can play an important part of how the flat iron functions.

If the outer edges and plate of the flat iron are slightly rounded, then it can be easy to transition your straightener into a curling iron.

A sharp edged flat iron is less adaptable but might end up giving your straighter hair.

  • Heat Settings

You must be extra cautious when picking a curling iron.

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We all have different hair textures and they demand different temperature ranges.

Ensure you always choose a curling iron that has adjustable temperature control.

Adjust the heat according to the texture of your hair.

If you have thick hair, a temperature degree of 300-350 is perfect.

People with fine hair should use a temperature range below 175 degrees.

  • Size of the Plate

There is a misconception that if you have long hair, you need to use a flat curling iron that has a wide plate.

However, this is far from the truth. If you have long hair, you can even use the one inch plate and it will work well on your hair.

The materials of the one inch plated curling irons are made of high quality materials and they can be used on all hair types.

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