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From cozy knitted sweaters to sparkly cocktail dresses to dramatically long statement coats to draped sheer tops, you have many reasons to celebrate the changing seasons and embrace different fashion trends throughout the year.

But dressing for different seasons and changing trends isn’t without its uncertainties and hazards.

For many women, especially as they get older and reach their 50s and beyond, fashion can become a double-edged sword.

When done right, fashion elevates your appearance and your mood and puts energy into your step.

But when done wrong, it can make you look older, add decades to both your appearance and your energy levels, and rob you of precious confidence to step out into the world in all your empowered beauty.

If you want to look on-trend, modern and ageless, try these fashion tips that are perfectly tailored — pun intended — for today’s 50+ woman.

Each of these tips guides you around some of the most common wardrobe mistakes that women make every day, and gives you style strategies to make today’s ideas relevant no matter what decade of life you’re in.

Mixing Up Outfit Proportions in a Wrong Way

 “Fashion is architecture,” said style guru and designer Coco Chanel. “It’s a matter of proportions.

When it comes to ageless fashion and style, the type of outfit that best flatters your body — no matter your age, height or body type — is all about striking the right balance.

What commonly happens is that as women get older, you start to feel a little self conscious.

fashion jewelry for women

You might veer away from the more close-fitting styles of your youth.

But in your rush to embrace more loose-fitting outfits for the sake of body confidence or even comfort, it can create a baggy and shapeless appearance.

And while you might think it disguises areas of your body you’re trying to hide, it can actually do the opposite and have an even more unflattering impact on your silhouette.

This doesn’t mean you have to wear a skintight pantsuit. Instead, strike the right balance between flowy and loose, and form-fitting and structured.

If you opt for one part of your outfit to be more baggy, balance it with another part of your wardrobe.

For example, maybe you love the comfort of a floaty shirt, and you like the way it doesn’t hug certain parts of your body that may not be as toned or perky as they once were.

That’s absolutely fine! You can wear a flowy shirt but bring in a little bit of structure to the look by tucking the shirt in at your wait.

Then, you can further balance the loose lines of the flowy top with a tighter pair of distressed denim jeans, and perhaps a snug pair of boots or heels.

This contrast in alternating lines creates visual movement so that someone’s eye doesn’t linger on any one spot of your silhouette.

You get to wear what you want, while also flattering your body in all the right ways.

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