fashion jewelry for women

Pair up apparels you already own

Discovering your personal style could lead to changing your wardrobe entirely or buying extra clothes to add to it.

Until then though, you can try using the outfits you already own to figure out your personal style.

Is there an outfit you feel super confident in whenever you wear it out?

Do you feel prettier in sundresses and wedges or jeans and turtleneck blouses?

Would you rather wear your heels or Nike sneakers?

Do you hate that leather dress your dad bought you yet you wear to every family gathering?

fashion jewelry for women

Analyzing the clothes in your wardrobe can give you an insight into your personal style.

Go window shopping

Window shopping is one very exciting way to find your personal style.

Your current wardrobe might not contain anything that sends the message you want.

So, go out to boutiques and stores.

Look at mannequins and take pictures of them. Look through dresses, blouses, sweaters, pants, shoes, and bags. Looking through these will definitely help you find your personal style.

If you don’t have a lot of time for window shopping at stores, you can visit online boutiques on your mobile device!

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