fashion jewelry for women

Set up a “personal style” board

Finding a personal style that will boost your confidence is a process. It might take days, weeks and even months.

During this period, you are likely to find numerous sources of inspiration.

You could be walking to class or work and see somebody dressed in a blouse you like or a hat you think will look good on you.

You could also be watching a runway show and find numerous outfits that appeal to you.

A style board can serve as the holder for your inspiration. You can sketch out the outfit you saw and liked, or simply write it down.

If you wish, you can also take pictures and print them out for the board.

At the end of the week or the month, your personal style board would be filled with enough inspiration for your style!

Look to trends, but don’t dwell on them!

fashion jewelry for women

Fashion trends can be a great source of inspiration when finding your personal style.

They’re often functional yet creative, which is the reason they are quickly accepted by almost everyone and further explored.

So, in finding your style, look through social media platforms, watch runway shows or simply browse for new/old trends on the internet.

When you find these fashion trends, try imagining yourself in a number of them –long term.

Remember though that while trends are great inspirational sources, there is a chance that they won’t appeal to you.

Your style is inherent.

It’s in you so don’t feel like you have to go with the trends if it doesn’t fit.

Also, don’t get disappointed if your style doesn’t agree with any of the trends!

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