fashion jewelry for women

Once upon a time, when you were 6 years old, you wore whatever your mother picked out for you.

You never had to think about your personal style, so you probably didn’t protest when she decided to dress you up as a banana for Halloween.

But then you grew older and frowned a little when she picked out a brown skirt for you instead of a blue pair of jeans.

Eventually, you grew into young adulthood and gained absolute control over your wardrobe choice and style.

You started buying clothes that were functional but didn’t make you feel excited.

You still didn’t care about personal style, until you started paying attention to what celebrities wore on TV and social media.

You realized that some appealed to you immensely and some didn’t.

fashion jewelry for women

Then you looked at your wardrobe and see its time you discovered your personal style!

Now finding your personal style is more than combining clothes and shoes and making sure they match.

Finding your personal style is a very crucial step in the journey of self-discovery.

Your fashion choice is a form of self-expression.

It’s what will make you feel confident and capable when you step out in the street.

Eventually, it becomes your identity, what people expect to see you dressed in and how people address you (‘dress how you wish to be addressed’).

This makes it super necessary that you choose a personal style with care.

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Ella Lawson

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